ReCertifyMe.com is the premier destination for online continuing education and certification courses--a real one-stop shop for four different professional industries. All of our courses are accredited and sanctioned by each industry’s regulatory agency. Courses are online, convenient, and available 24/7 with customer support.

Additionally, we have partnered with 360 Training to provide you with state-of-the-art training technology and the most innovative course library available with the best value pricing on the Internet. Thanks to our easy-to-navigate approach, you are able to enjoy direct access to your chosen industries course libraries, simple instructions, and precise guidelines for each state’s certification and re-certification requirements.

Our one-stop shop concept allows users to take full advantage of our easy format so they can go directly to completion for their continuing education requirements without the confusion of cluttered information and excessive marketing material. Our users feel confident that all of our courses are licensed and accredited by each industry’s regulatory agency, as noted at the top of each course library page. The one-stop shop process is as simple as 1-2-3--“choose your industry, choose your state, and choose your course.”

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Mission Statement

To provide an innovative “One-Stop Shop” e-learning solution for multiple types of businesses while providing outstanding support to all customers.

Current Industry & Course Offering


Alcohol & Food Safety – Alcohol Safety Training, Food Safety Training, HACCP Training, Sexual Harassment Prevention, TABC Certification, NCPLH Training, Responsible Alcohol Retailing, Arizona Title 4 Liquor Law Training, Wisconsin Responsible Beverage, Utah Alcoholic Beverage Server Training, Bassett Certification (Illinois), California Responsible Beverage Service Training, City of Boise, ID, Alcohol Server, Kentucky Alcohol Seller/Server Training, Texas Food Manager Prep & Exam, Texas Food Handler Training, Florida DBPR Food Worker Training, Wisconsin Food Management Principles Training, Illinois Food Safety Manager Sanitation Certification, Pennsylvania Food Employee Certification Training Program

Alcohol and Safety

Insurance – Insurance CE for Life & Health or Property & Casualty Insurance Agents, Insurance Pre-Licensing, Adjuster License, Insurance Sales Training


Electrician/Engineering – Electrician CE, HVAC Certifications, Engineering CE


Environmental Health & Safety – Behavioral Safety Certification, EM 385 Training, ISO Training, UST Training

Environmental Health & Safety